The development of a standard for the zoning geographical component

The present workshop has been jointly organised by the IZSVe and CAIQ within the framework of the OIE cooperation project entitled “Capacity development for implementing a Geographic Information System (GIS) applied to surveillance, control and zoning of avian influenza and other emerging avian diseases in China”.

This workshop will provide an opportunity for the OIE Collaborating Centres dealing with epidemiology to share their GIS experiences applied on the zoning procedure (as described in chapter 4.3 of the OIE Terrestrial Code), to exchange knowhow about the application of international geographical standards, and to assess the validity, applicability, sustainability, appropriateness and opportunity of a spatial data model for zone based on the OIE Zoning procedure developed jointly by IZSVe and CAIQ.

In particular, the workshop will be organised in 3 sessions (I. International standards - Geographic information/Geomatics; II. Presentation of the zone spatial data model implemented in the frame of the cooperation project between IZSVe and CAIQ; III. General Discussion), and it will require the active participation of each invited expert.


CAIQ headquarter in Beijing (China)


17th October 2018


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